Truss Sleeve: truss covers

- Truss Cover -
In the past covers for truss had to be strapped on or attached with hook and loop fasteners and tape. Truss sizes and shapes often vary, so the old generation of truss covers could rarely be reused, not to mention the amount of time involved in fitting a loose fabric cover around a truss structure on a deadline…

Now there’s a safe, fast, and easy solution for hiding trusses or turning them into a design feature…..TrusSleeve

Make sure your TrusSleeve is the right length before cutting.
Allow for 15% extra in the length depending on individual truss shape and diameter.

Print your TrusSleeve

ShowTex TrusSleeve can also be printed with colorful designs or logo’s.

Cover your truss with totally personalized printed TrusSleeve. Our unique textile printing process allows you to print on all four sides of box truss covers, even in between the ribbing of the fabric for full bodied colours and contrast.

Print TrusSleeve to integrate your company logo into your trade show stand for high visibility or print with patterns and designs to add an extra dimension to your stage or event setting. Print standard safety pictograms for music festivals and large public events. TrusSleeve is washable, reusable, and meets the strictest fire certification standards.

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Permanently flame retardant

- Truss Cover -
TrusSleeve material is elastic enough to slide over a variety of truss shapes and sizes with ease.

When attaching lights to the truss, simply perforate the sleeve at your attachment points. When your truss is covered, cut at both ends and overlap with adjoining TrusSleeve section. TrusSleeve has a no-sew finish and won’t unravel when cut.

Hides cables, covers trusses and fits around corner pieces on all kinds of square and triangular truss.

This patented wrap for trusses is permanently flame retardant to the strictest M1 standard. TrusSleeve truss covers retain FR levels even after washing and can easily be reused.