Colours + Print

Patented Truss Sleeve IFR truss cover is now also available in custom dyed colors.

Use Truss Sleeve in black to make truss disappear into a ceiling or backdrop.

Light white Truss Sleeve from the inside on upright box truss and integrated truss structures for sublime atmospheric lighting.

ShowTex TrusSleeve can also be printed with colorful designs or logo’s.

Cover your truss with totally personalized printed TrusSleeve. Our unique textile printing process allows you to print on all four sides of box truss covers, even in between the ribbing of the fabric for full bodied colours and contrast.
Print TrusSleeve to integrate your company logo into your trade show stand for high visibility or print with patterns and designs to add an extra dimension to your stage or event setting. Print standard safety pictograms for music festivals and large public events.